CD Script for blank CDs and certain applications

I’m looking to write a script for the “Open Script” option in CD/DVDs pref pane in Panther 10.3.9.

What I’d like to see it do is: give the conventional “You have inserted a blank CD” (or “blank DVD”) only when certain applications are not running (Dragon Burn 4, Toast 7).

I know an “if exists” or "if visible includes"condition might work, but I’ve forgotten what part of the system keeps track of what’s visibly running. I seem to recall SystemEvents handles some of these functions, but if it’s the Finder for this particular thing, I don’t want to run up against a “does not understand” error with my optical drive shut and a perfectly good CD or DVD caught between Gates and Gehenna until I’ve restarted the Mac.

I know I could check scripting libraries for both, but the language is, as we all know, sometimes so abstruse as only to create further confusion. I’d rather get a good shove in the right direction from someone who knows what’s what and where’s where.

Hoping you can help.

Steve W.

Hi Steve

the syntax is

on blank DVD appeared dvd -- or blank CD appeared
	tell application "System Events"
		if exists process "Toast Titanium" then
			-- do something
			-- do something else
		end if
	end tell
end blank DVD appeared

but I couldn’t find out to evoke the system dialog “… Chose an action from the pop-up menu…”


Many thanks.

Steve W