Centrify AD user

I have a computer running Centrify, which is an AD plugin for Macs for authentication. I’m trying to run my app and found something interesting…

My app has name/password fields in it that saves to a variable, then uses it later. It seems Centrify users (that’s Active Directory plugin) cannot authenticate. If I use a local user name, then authentication works fine.

Works Fine:
do shell script “touch /tmp/random.$$” user name “localadmin” password “1234” with administrator privileges

Does not work:
do shell script “touch /tmp/random.$$” user name “ADUser” password “1234” with administrator privileges

I guess this is a problem with how Applescript talks to Open Directory and Centrify doesn’t follow standard Open Directory methods… I’m just wondering if anyone has run into this problem or one similar…

I am guessing, because I have never used Activ Dir: Does you AD user actually have Admin privilege on the computer? Because if not, I think the shell command would either fail, or maybe it would then ask for another password. On our network machines, most users aren’t admin and though I dont know if its AD, we have some kind of user account thing that IT sets up and puts users into groups etc.
Because the syntax is the same, and you are calling shell (not nesting it inside of another tell block, right?) that if the user accounts were equal, it should work. I think the user account actually isn’t working as it should. Applescript should have nothing to do with the problem.
If you did this exact same thing in the terminal by hand, does it work? Or does the AD user still have an error?