CGI- Accessing Environmental Variables???

Is it possible to access environmental variables (i.e., cookie) from a cgi written in Applescript?

Handle CGI Request can capture what I think you are looking for. I use one that determines if the user is on a Mac or PC, what the referring page is, and IP address is.

Here is what the dictionary says:

Here is what code for a cgi that captures IP, Referring Page, and Browser Type (& platform)

on handle CGI request searching for Searching_For with posted data postedData from client IP address clientIP with user info userInfo from browser clientBrowser

You would still need to parse the posted arguments to get the data posted.

A couple of the browser types returned in my script look like:

Hope this helps…

But you need a third part software such as CGI enabler (oS X Server) or ACGI Dispatcher, you can make it work direclty with Apache.