Challenge of the week?

Ready for this? Basically this related to the way separate scripts deal with each other and work together and how scripts are called upon from another script!

The challenge is to get one script, call it command handler, to get a user command, in text, e.g. tell me the time, and remove non-keywords, like and but so…etc. Use these keywords left, here; tell and time, to search a separate script, call it the library, for a corresponding script, which uses tags to be identifies. It finds a script with the tag time, runs it, gets a return, 23:10 for example!

Anyone think this can be done with some ease? Anyone willing to help! :stuck_out_tongue:

So you want to write a programming language?
With variable syntax e.g “tell time” “tell the time”, “what is the time, pray tell” all do the same thing?

And have sit on top of AppleScript.

It is doable, but why?

As a collection of scripts that can be called on using non-specific commands. It also allows adding more without having to add new command options to the script that would handle the commands.

It’s part of a JARVIS type project, I want to make an open source version that is far more expandable and upgradable by anyone! Not just the original creator. Unfortunately my knowledge of scripting is limited, so it is taking time, I have all the ideas! Would be good to get a team together, but people will only be interested if they see something they like first!