change computers Date and Time

I’m looking for a Script to change the computers Date and Time to an preselected value:
e.g. date 10 sept 2005 time 1:23:45
Can anyone help me?

tell application "system events"
tell process "system preferences"
set current pane to pane & time
set "Today's date" to (date you want)
set "Current Time" to (time you want)
end process
end tell

Phreak, the poster needs a Mac OS 9 solution, I believe, which is why he has now posted in the proper forum.


Hi everybody,

and thanks to Phreak for his OS X solution, but as jonn8 remarks: Yes I’ll need a OS 9 solution for that date-setting via AppleScript.
I never thought, that it would be so difficult to change the date and time this way, but it seems - in deed !
So let me ask: “Who needs Windows and Gates in a world without walls and fences?” I don’t ! But I really need some hints how to manage this problem.

:oops: :oops: sorry about that. i didn’t realize this was simply for OS 9