Change Display Brightness? Anyone?

Searched and searched but found nothing.
Shell script? applescript command? scripting addition? system extension?
or is it just not possible in 10.2.8?
someone please help!

Two problems here, PilotHigh:

  1. we don’t have a clue what machine you’re talking about, and

  2. a lot of folks here are running 10.4 now, and things that work for them or in 10.3 might not work in 10.2, but they have no way of testing that.

sorry. *sheepish grin-
i knew that. I started scripting with 10.2 when 10.4 came out. That means I will have to learn all over again when I finally get around to upgrading. Plus all my scripts probably won’t work. Bummer. Then I got ripped off $3500 dollars today by a Nigerian with postal money orders (seriously).

second generation Imac (Flatscreen bubble)