Change grid in Appleworks 6 Draw modulewith keyboard shortcuts

I trying (very hard because I’ very newbie ) to do a script to change grid in Appleworks 6 Draw module with keyboard shortcuts. Before, with Appleworks 6 in OS 9, i changed my grid from 0.5 mm to 0.25 mm with macro that assigned keyboard shortcutsbaut macros in OS X there isn’t!!! :frowning:
I tried to see dictionary of Appleworks in script but I didn’t see this function (grid) that is in “option” (or preferences I don’t know exactly because I have software in italian).
Can sombody help me, please :slight_smile:

Thanks Kirara

I was wrong, I’m sorry. Maybe in english isn’t grid and is not in Options but Format → Rulers–>ruler settings–> divisions. can somebody help me???