Change in the rules from Jaguar to Panther

I have a script that performs operations that involve the copying of large numbers of folders from one place to another without interaction with the user, which means that the script could be executed from a crontab.

In Jaguar, I set things up so that if a folder contained items whose permissions did not allow them to be copied, a subroutine that I had written flagged the files, allowing the user to go in and correct the permissions manually so that the script could thereafter (at least until the permissions were changed, requiring a subsequent modification) run unattended.

However, Panther has changed the rules and instead pops up an authentication dialog when it thinks that a folder copy might pose a problem. Needless to say, if the user is not there when the script runs, s/he cannot supply the password.

I’m looking for a way, if one exists, to have the app ask for a password the first time it runs and then to store it as a property to enable subsequent runs to proceed unattended. Does anyone know of a way to do this by storing it and using the stored password to bypass any later authentication dialogs in Panther? :?:

Try doing a search in the “AppleScript | OS X” forums for “administrative privileges” (no quotes), it should turn up a bunch of good hints for you…

here’s one result that may help.