change ip address

My ISP assigns me a dynamic IP address.
To change my IP address, I have to turn off my router (Modem) and turn it on after 15 seconds. Today, I read about some commands which are supposed to do it in Windows without turning off the modem. Is there a way to do it in Mac OS with applescript?

(For windows:
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew )


I have not used Windows in a long time, but those ipconfig commands seem like they would only affect the IP address of the Windows computer itself, not the Internet router/modem. This might do what you want if the end computer itself is making the PPPoE connection. But, I think most DSL modems these days are actually routers that make the PPPoE connection themselves and provide NAT to an internal, private address space that is accessible through DHCP on router’s Ethernet and WiFi connections.

If you are dealing with a DSL router (one with which more than one machine can access the Internet), your best bet is probably to try to script poking the right button/link on the router’s configuration web pages (most routers have a small web server where (from the local Ethernet or WiFi) you can go to see statistics, logs, reset various levels of the system, etc.). Try http://IP-of-your-router.