Change label text

How would I go about changing label text in ApplescriptOBJC (COCOA) I have an issue where the app terminates on launch after binding anything. Is there a framework I need? I just want to change label text when a variable changes.

Variable: currentHeadline

I have already tried binding to App Delegate and changed the middle value (self) to currentHeadline. (App terminates on launch) Thx :wink:

That happens when the binding is incorrect. The message in the log should tell you which value is involved.


Then you need to bind the label’s Value to your app delegate, with a Model Key Path that matches the name of a property in your app delegate. When you change the value of the property, the label should then change also.

(And your message belongs next door in AppleScriptObjC and Xcode – maybe one of the mods will move it.)

Alright. Will test at home. Thx :slight_smile: