Change Level indicator stars

Hello People…

I’m currently working on creating an interface for a IMDB movie search script found on this forum, all is going well
and all seem to be working fine, only one tiny problem, I would like to change the default stars in my Level Indicator
to some custom image, (Yellow like on the site) but i did not have any luck in doing so, I searched the forum and
tryed out a cuple of the methods found, but still :confused:

Could someone show an example on this, or better provide some sourcecode that will make this happen…


I have searched google and some forums to find some apps for this (search on IMDB) but only found
some not that good looking widgets, if any know about a app for this i would like to hear so…


Check this out

Hendo13 that was fast :slight_smile: (one of the reasons i love this forum so much and use alot each day, the fast and GOOD support)

I’m not into Object-C yet, but this might be the time to get started, i have no clue what so ever what to do with the source
files prvided on the site you linked to, but it looks nice :smiley:

I’ll help you out :), what version of xcode are you running?

Okay, sounds great, im using Xcode version 3.0…

ok good that’ll make things easier :smiley:

  1. First of all, trash the one i just told you to download and download this.

  2. Add all the files in the folder to your project

  3. open up Interface builder select your level indicator

  4. in your inspector window click the tab with the “i” inside the circle.

  5. In the dropdown menu with the words Class to the left of it choose CustomImageIndicator

  6. Save. build. Run

Hopla, now that was sweet :slight_smile:
but i do have a cuple of things…

  1. The max rating value on imdb is 10, so can i change the default value of this
  2. Can i make it so no stars are visible on launch
  3. Is there a way to make it “not editable” I need to use this 2 places in my app. one for rating set from the site
    and one the user defines, and here this is just perfect, BUT i need to have one which is NOT editable

and thank again, this is just what i need :slight_smile:

Oh well, I have played a bit with the PWLevelIndicator.m and removed the trackmouse part, and changed the starSize.width to 10.0
and starCount < 0 this is working as is for now, but i dont know if i might run into truble later :slight_smile:

anyway thanks alot for the big help.


hmmmm, im going to have to work on that for a bit, ill try & get back to you tommorow, its getting late

No worris, but i need to ask you, is there a way to show 1/ stars, og 1/4 stars, some ratings on imdb are like 8.2/10, i think you follow …

that i cannot help you with:P

Hendo, that is okay, the stars seems to be working fine now, and i dont seem to have any erros after removing items in the Object-C script,
Object-C is uhm, a bit weird when you dont know heek about it, but with this you got me started, and for that i thank you…

yupp, its weird for sure, glad you got the stars working :smiley: