Change the cursor icon

Dear people,
I really do a lot of Googling before I post something here. Maybe Google is not the right source of information. If any of you has some suggetions on how to improve my ASS knowledge, I would be very happy.
This time around, I have a question that is so basic, that I can’t believe that I only end up in some crusty HyperCard pages (did the internet already exist at that time?):
How do I change the icon of the cursor.
In my case, I want to catch a MouseDrag. As soon as the cursor enters the drag-enabled area, I would like the cursor to change in a little hand. When dragging, it should change in a fist, or grabbing hand, and when there is a mouse up, I need it to become the hand again. Finally, when leaving the area, the cursor should become the same cursor as it was before the action.


sorry, i cant help you :frowning:
but i do know that it’s possible :slight_smile:

I think u need Cocoa or Carbon or Objective C (past as)

I can’t find any reference to cursor changes in any of my Applescript books, so it seems it’s not supported.

I believe you need some form of Obj-C do accomplish this. There are a few people who know Obj-C here so they would be the ones to help you out with the actual coding.

Thank you so much for your replies!
Stadsman was referring to “any of [his] Aplescript” books.
What would currently be the best book in the field? I consider myself as an experienced AS programmer, but it would be nice to have a nice reference with comprehensive and relevant examples.

The books that I use most often are:
“AppleScript; the comprehensive guide to scripting and automation on Mac OS X” by Hanaan Rosenthal
“AppleScript; the definitive guide” by Matt Neuburg