Change the Name of an Application


I started my app smily as “do_uploader” though I want it to name “DesignerOutlet”.
I read that it is quite hard / impossible to rename a Xcode project, but what about just the name of the application?

After all, recently a company had to rename their iPodRip to “iPod” and there’s got to be a way.

Another clue I know it’s gotta be possible is that the Application names are localizable so I just have to figure out how :slight_smile:

Any Idea how i can change the name? Just so it says DesignerOutlet in the Menubar, Dock, and Finder.


try the following:

In Xcode, highlight Targets > do_uploader, then press ⌘I.
In the General tab, rename the name, in the Build tab, rename Packaging > Product Name

Thanks a lot, this worked.