Change "untitled" in save dialog


I’m pretty new to applescript studio and have been modifying the “Task List” example app into something i can use.
i can’t seem to find the answer to this anywhere i think cause of the way the task list app calls the save dialog.

what i want to do is change the file name in the save dialog box of the “task list” app, at the minute it defaults to “untitled” when you save.

I want it to be something of my choice really!!
any help would be gratefully appreciated!


Hi Pidge,

take a look at the sample project Save Panel (same directory)

Hi Stefan

Thanks for the reply! For a minute i thought there was gonna be no takers with this one!!
I’ve looked into all the ways that you can save, and cause it was just a little test project i didn’t want to alter the way
it saves simply cause it works so well.

Its not massively important its just one of those things that you want to put in place when writing scripts that others may use so they follow certain guidelines cause you can’t really trust them
to do it the way you want.
This one being the naming convention not huge on importance in the big scheme of things.
just wondered if it could be done.

Thanks again