Change Windows input content in same window

I have been dabbling with ASOC for a couple of months and have been successful in the applications i have created for automation.

I am having an issues with my current project. I want to have a row of buttons on the left that do not move and then by pressing on of them. It will change the input and buttons on the right side of the window without loading another window.

I was trying to do this with drawers and found out the limitations of the size being the size of the parent window. So I tried with a tabview and it works fine except my check boxes are giving me an error that I am not defining the missing property or that I do not have access. It works fine if I have it in the main window and not embedded in a tabview

So, I am here to see if there is a way to load a pre-made window from interface builder to the current window like moving or sliding Frame one over so Frame two or three can take its place. then if Button one is pressed it slides back. Another way of looking at it if you know HTML and Javascript is to hide or show a dive on the same frame or window

Assistance with the tabview or the window view would be appreciated. Thank you for viewing

Here is the check box code

    property focusclick1 : missing value
    property focusclick2 : missing value
    property focusclick3 : missing value
    property focusclick4 : missing value
    property focusclick5 : missing value
    property focusclick6 : missing value

( * to set the correct focus * )
on stateOfFocus()
        set focusoutput to 0
        set focusvalue1 to focusclick1's integerValue()
        set focusvalue2 to focusclick2's integerValue()
        set focusvalue3 to focusclick3's integerValue()
        set focusvalue4 to focusclick4's integerValue()
        set focusvalue5 to focusclick5's integerValue()
        set focusvalue6 to focusclick6's integerValue()
        if focusvalue1 = 1 then
            set focusoutput to 0
        end if
        if focusvalue2 = 1 then
            set focusoutput to 1
        end if
        if focusvalue3 = 1 then
            set focusoutput to 2
        end if
        if focusvalue4 = 1 then
            set focusoutput to 3
        end if
        if focusvalue5 = 1 then
            set focusoutput to 4
        end if
        if focusvalue6 = 1 then
            set focusoutput to 5
        end if
        return focusoutput
    end stateOfFocus

(*if check box one is selected *)

on focusclick1_(sender)
        set state of focusclick1 to 1
        set state of focusclick2 to 0
        set state of focusclick3 to 0
        set state of focusclick4 to 0
        set state of focusclick5 to 0
        set state of focusclick6 to 0
    end focusclick1_

the check boxes are linked directly to the missing values on the App Delegate

Model: MacBook 17-inch, Mid 2009
AppleScript: 2.5.1, Xcode 5
Browser: Safari 6.0.5 (8536.30.1)
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.8)

You can hide/show buttons using setHidden_(true) or setHidden_(false), you can move them using setFrameOrigin_({x, y}), and you can swap views in and out. You can also use tab-less tab views to swap stuff in and out. Lots of options…

Hello again and thank you for the quick response.

I was looking at the hide and show but that will be ungodly with trying to maintain the OS X Application.

Now for the newbie question. I am trying to keep everything in a single window that hides one window while opening another within the same window. What would be the easiest course of action. I see the setFrameOrigin but from my understanding it will change windows. I would like not to unload the window if possible to keep information without having to store it. I was trying to use tables tab views but was having issues with the tabs where I was getting errors with the checkboxes

Thank You

You can’t have windows within windows. It sounds like you might want to swap views, or use a tab view.

To be honest, though, it sounds like you need to become a bit more familiar with how simpler projects work, before you get too ambitious.