changed application name

Challenge = the user of my app may have purposely (or unintentionally) changed the name of the external app whose files my app open; for example, “Microsoft Excel” to “Excel” or “Microsoft Word” to “Word”.

In Objective-C, that situation is easily guarded against by pegging the key = NSApplicationBundleIdentifier on a value of the external app’s ID, for example, “” … and this approach works.

Now, comes Applescript which tries the following:

	tell application "System Events"
		if (name of every application process) contains "Microsoft Excel" then
			return true
			return false
		end if
	end tell

If the user for any reason changed the name of this app, I’m finished.


John Love


you can do the same in AppleScript

tell application "System Events"
	return (bundle identifier of application processes) contains ""
end tell