Changing Colors

Hello, I run a iMac Lab at a private school in Minnesota. We have 18 iMacs that use Mac OS 9.x. I have the trouble with certain programs and games where it tells me it needs to run in 265 colors. Is there an applescript somewhere that can help me so when the students click on these programs, I do not have to go to each computer and manually do this?? Thanks Robb Ziebol

Download the OSAX (AppleScript extension) named “Jon’s commands” (It is available at and put it into the “scripting additions” folder in your System folder.
Then, assuming each computer has only 1 screen, use the script:

set fi to first item of (screen list)
set color depth of fi to 8
set screens to fi

and save it as an applet in the startup items folder in the system folder.
(Note: I am a little surprised that you 'd need this, as “modern” applications can set the color depth to 8 themselves)
Eelco Houwink

Most do, but some don’t. Some of these programs aren’t modern either, but we still use, like The Playroom and Learn About, I am going to try your idea though. At one point a friend of mine found a script that did this, but he lost the link to it (or I lost it??)

My OS 9.1 setup has an Apple osax named “MonitorDepth”. Using this
osax, it appears to be as simple as:

 set monitor depth 8 -- 256 colors
 set monitor depth 16 -- thousands of colors
 set monitor depth 32 -- millions of colors

I’ve uploaded a set of scripts if you’d like to try them before installing other
scripting additions which might not be needed.
Monitor Scripts

: Rob Thanks for uploading those, I am going to try them soon!! I will get back to you on how they work!! Thanks again!