changing computer interface with applescript


New to scripting and my question is do you need to use interface builder to build and change the look of the OS X interface. Or should I approach to write the applescript e.x changing fonts and color and tabs skins from script and installing the .nib in to the system OS and in the apps. Is there a dynamic way to do this.

thx in advance.


simple answer: No

You can not change the “theme” with Interface Builder, because it’s appearance depends on the system definitions.
The tools like UNO oder ShapeShifter are changing just these system definitions

Thx I also found what Silk can do with the fonts. From Same company of Shapeshifter.

Hope someday customization on Mac OS can be done without third party software.


I flee from all Unsanity haxies like the devil from the holy water :wink:

Hopefully not. I rather like when customers call or write us for support and we don’t have to think about what UI hackery they’ve done as we attempt to help them.