Changing font within automated text in text box

Apologies if my wording si a bit out, I’ve only been doing this a few weeks. I have text that I am writing an applescript for so that it all goes into text boxes on it’s own. The query I have at the moment is that I need two different pieces of text to go into the same box but the second text needs to be in a different font - I can do it so that the style changes to bold but not so that the font changes. I’m wondering what format I need to use to change the font ?

Browser: Internet Explorer 7.0
Operating System: Mac OS 9.0.x

That may depend on the application you are writing the script for. Can you tell us a bit more, maybe post the code you have so far?

Applescript supports a “styled text” class, but if I remember right, it’s read-only. Meaning you can clip styled text and paste it but can’t alter it.

But if the program you’re writing the script for has an Applescript dictionary, you may be able to access the text box and change the font that way.

yes sorry, what I’m currently doing it for is Quark 4.1 - I’m able to format the text box and all text that flows in is in the correct text, I can also use style sheet for the other text files I’m importing. The trouble I’m having is when I need two different pieces of text to go into the same box, one after the other, with the second element of text in a different font. I can do this using {style:bold, content:var1} but I want it to not just change to bold but change font entirely? any ideas or have i just confused even more?

I haven’t used Quark in a long, long time. Perhaps there are other members who know more about it than I do that will help you out!