Changing iChat Prefs via AppleScript?


I have created a scripts to use for a Message Received event that allows someone to use their cell phone (through text messages) to minorly control functions on their Mac. There is a lot of potential for the script, I just haven’t had the time to go way in depth. Is there a way to create a script that will change the preferences of iChat to run the script when a message is received?

In other words, I want to make a script to change the iChat preferences to enable the “Message Received.applescript” i have created. Wow, this is confusing. Let me simply this.

I want a script that does this:

Activate iChat
Open iChat Preferences
Move to “Alerts” tab
select event “Message Received”
turn on “Run applescript”
select a certain script from the script folder called “Message Receive.applescript”

I can get the Preferences window open, but I don’t know where to go, or if it’s even possible, from there!

any help would be appreciated!

wow! you have the exact same problem as me!!! some one please help out with this?