Changing monitor resolution using applescript

This is more divination than reading comprehension, but I’m guessing that :

  1. He had a G3 iMac as a server, and
  2. at some point the monitor died, and
  3. he hooked up a spare, but it was an old 640x480 and the iMac was set to 800x600, so nothing showed on screen.
  4. Since he can log on to the server, he wants to drop a ‘change resolution’ script into the startup items to fix the problem on the next boot.
  5. He went to a public school. (kidding!) (kinda.)

All I know is that the Monitors control panel isn’t scriptable.


I need an Applescript to change the resolution because the current resolution does not allow my older monitor to display anything (at least anything that could be used to interact with the computer!). I need to access the server because it is not functioning properly and I need to make adjustments. I cannot do this because I cannot see what I am doing!

I know absolutely zilch about all this, but I just wanted to point out that the parameters to Jon’s “set screens to” do look as if they fit your bill.