changing subject of email in

Hmmmm… this looks like it works-- the subject changes in the inbox message listing, but if I click on the email, the headers still read the original subject, and when I quit the original subject is back on the inbox listing… Any ideas?


tell application "Mail"
	set the_messages to selection as list
	if (count the_messages) > 0 then
		set the_subject to subject of (first item of the_messages)
		set new_subject to (text returned of (display dialog "Enter new subject:" default answer the_subject))
		repeat with msg in the_messages
			set subject of msg to new_subject
			set the_headers to (headers of msg as list)
			repeat with head in the_headers
				if name of head as string is "subject" then
					set content of head to new_subject
				end if
			end repeat
		end repeat
		display dialog "please select an email first!"
	end if
end tell


you cannot change subjects in with AppleScript