Changing the clipboard container type

HI, hope someone out there can help! have you guys ever copy a text file and accidentally tried to paste it in a container or somewhere else were yo cant add text! obviously this wont work! the computer will just beep as a sign of error. This mean the clipboard knows the type of information it is holding… could be an image, text, folder, etc. so… My question is… how can I change the clipboards contents type in order to force the paste of an image into a text file, manipulate all the garbage this will paste and then copy it back to the clipboard and change back the clipboard type to be an image again!

Can this be done?



Another easier roùte to what you want to accomplish is to duplicate the image.

Give the copy a txt extension.

Edit it with TextEdit or whatever.

Make a new copy when you have saved it.

Give the new duplicate its previous image name-extension.

Open it as an image and check to see if you are happy with your editing.

Save the document with text, as an rtf document.

Paste the image into the rtf document where you want it.


And by the way. Gimp is now ported fully from X11 into Mac Os X so there shouldn’t be a need to edit images as text really, if the reason is that you can’t afford an image editng program. I think there is something like an image editing program coming with OpenOffice as well.

Thank you! the idea was to do that with filemaker, copping a script or layouts! so i cant do that with the hole file do the the encryption! but its a good idea!!! :slight_smile: