Changing the info.plist with Applescript

Hi guys,

Im trying to make a program that will easily add or remove a entry to the info.plist of a program dropped into my little utility, how would i make applescript add a entry or remove the entry in a xml file?


I am not sure if it’ll work but my first hunch would be to look at Property List Editor to check if it is scriptable. I would start at that point. I haven’t checked this myself.

Info.plist can also be changed using the Terminal and changing the “defaults” for certain items. A “do shell” script should work for you.

Hope this gives you some ideas to try. As I said, these are hunches but they may be worth a try.


archseed :slight_smile:

Hi Again,

Here’s a quick check for you…Property List Editor is (unfortunately) not scriptable.

Terminal is where you can get a few things done maybe.

Sorry. I hope you find a better solution.