Changing the name of a file to...

How do I change the name of a file with an applescript? For the purposes of this question the name of our file is ‘Name of File’ and I’d like to change the whole name to ‘Updated’.

The simple answer is

tell application "Finder"
	set x to choose file
	set the name of file x to "Updated" as string
end tell

But if you overwrite a file that had an extension you might mess it up. Also, a search for “filename” should bring up a lot of results n this BBS.

Thanks Mr. Spence,
I decided to go with this command:

Although it’s a unix command it works great. And thanks for the suggesstion about searching your BBS. You guys are so helpful I sometimes forget that I might be able to find the answer with a little (re)search. :slight_smile: