Changing the title of a checkbox within a table

Wow sometimes the little things are just…Grrrr!

I have a nice table that i’m able to fill with text.
But i want checkboxes. So in stead of changing the text i want to change the title of checkbox.
Some how it fails. It’s probably very simple but i can’t figure it out.

Here’s what i try to do.
Note: I allready have my datasource and all working… so this is just a sample on how i try to change the title.
Note: I allready put a nice little NSButtonCell Checkbox thingy in my table.

		do shell script "cat /Volumes/usradmin/groeplijst |sort"
		get paragraphs of result
		set groepenLijst to result
		repeat with i in groepenLijst
			tell gebruikersGroepenDataSource

				set theRow to make new data row at the end of the data rows of gebruikersGroepenDataSource
				set title of button cell "gebruikersGroepen" of theRow to i

			end tell
		end repeat

So what’s wrong with: set title of button cell “gebruikersGroepen” of theRow to i

Thanks in advance!