Chart Series in Excel

I have been reworking several examples included in this forum and am stuck on specifying a series for an xyscatter type chart in Excel 2008.

My code:

--make chart        
	set newChart to make new chart at beginning of active workbook
	tell active sheet
		set myRange to "=data!$A$2:$A$" & gEndRow & ",data!$C$2:$C$" & gEndRow
	end tell
	chart wizard newChart source myRange gallery xyscatter format 3 plot by rows category labels 0 series labels 0 title "f=20Hz" category title "time" value title "dZ" without has legend

This results in two series to be plotted [(A2:A_end) and (C2:C_end) as the series values]. I want to plot one series with column C as the series values and column A as the x values.

I’ve tried specifying a series, however, the series class cannot be specified for a chart class. I think the way around this is to create a chart object in the active sheet. In that case, how do I move a completed chart to a new chart sheet?



Have you tried using applescripts record feature to get an example? I did some work in VB once to make charts in excel for a large company on XP machines (urgh) and the record features gave me basically half my example code so hopefully applescript can record it like that too.