Charting, how to?

Just wanted to know if anyone knew of a place to get some scripting info on charting. I wanted to use Illustrator or indesgin to create a quartile chart.

Many Thanks
Sean Balfe

What type of chart? Pie? Bar Chart? Stacked? 3D?

Note, you can create a chart, but you can’t edit the values of a graph via Applescript. So… unless you create a dynamic dataset and use a template, I don’t know what sort of use this would have.

(Otherwise… you will have to manually create each object via Applescript). To figure out how to do this, just take a look at the Illustrator Applescript Guide.

You can take a look to Smile/SmileLab:

A quartile chart is a kind of bar chart with values that plotted within the bars. The script must be able to have a user interface or read a excel file.

Thank you also for the smile link

Sean Balfe