Check register

On a simple check register excel 2008 for mac, how do you search the column (Payee) for “John” and then have that entry (row) entered in a separate worksheet?

It’s all in the dictionary:

Sample code:

tell application "Microsoft Excel"
	tell sheet 1 -- or use its name, like below
		set tmp to (find range "A1:A50" what "John") -- replace range with that of your 'Payee' column
		-- or to search an entire column:
		set tmp to (find range "A:A" what "John")
		-- isolate the cell address from the range reference:
		set tmp to get address tmp
		-- get its row number:
		set theRow to first row index of cell tmp
		-- construct a range address for this row:
		-- (modify to reflect actual used range)
		set addr to "A" & theRow & ":Z" & theRow
		-- read the values on this row:
		set vals to value of range addr -- it's a list of values
	end tell
	-- you can now put the found values somewhere else:
	tell sheet "another sheet"
		set value of range ("A100:Z100") to vals --just picked some row
	end tell
	-- Warning: if this sheet does not exist the current sheet will be targeted
end tell

How would the target row be determined?