Checkbox Matrix Gone

I’ve known for a while the matrix for checkboxes and radio buttons has been removed from Xcode but, updated versions of my apps still keep the matrix. Now I’m creating a new app and want to make a group of checkboxes behave like a matrix particularly to get the selected values returned in a list through binding.

Can I still make this work without having to create an action handler that would check the state to see if it is checked then if checked get the title and start building my own list from each checkbox?

Short answer, no. But if you’re willing to take the risk, you could try opening an old example, then copy a matrix and paste it into the new one.

It’s probably best to start writing my own handler to create a list from a group of checkboxes that way if the matrix support disappears I’ll have a handler to replace it in all my apps.
Thanks for the information.