Checking Folder sizes

Hello all,Help me to either, 1) See what I am missing, or 2) explain the mystery. I’m writing a FaceSpan app for my Photo Dept. A minor need is for the app to monitor a folder and inform the user when said folder contains 600 MB of data. Seems no problem, but. . .I note a discrepancy, at times a large one, between what my script reports is the size of the folder and what the Get Info window reports.For example, the Get Info window on my G3 reports that my Applications folder contains 372 MB (371,777,328 bytes) of data.I’ve used the following approach to get the folder size in my script:

global theAnswer
tell application "Finder"
set theSize to size of (choose folder)
end tell


on doTheMath(theSize)
set theMath to (theSize / 1024) / 1024
set theOffset to offset of "." in theMath as string -- returning a single place to right of decimal point
set theAnswer to (text 1 thru (theOffset + 1) of (theMath as string))return theAnswer
end doTheMath

My math handler returns a value of 354.5 MB. However, if I do a display dialog of the variable “theSize” it reports the same number of bytes as the Get info window. How can the same number of bites factor out to two very different numbers?I worry I’m overlooking something hugely obvious, but I don’t know what. Thanks!

Thanks Larry. I knew there was a logical explanation! I’ll try Sal’s approach. Thanks again!