Checking for "Office 2004 Test Drive" on HD


Is there a way to check for the existence of “Office 2004 Test Drive”. I have a script that configures Entourage for our companies Exchange server, however, it seems to error out if the “Office 2004 Test Drive” has been left on the users hard drive :confused: . Any help is greatly appreciated…



Is there possibly a system preference file somewhere that only exists with Office 2004 Test Drive…? Anyone…?

You don’t say quite enough - Is it an application? Does it usually (when found) reside in /Applications/?

Office 2004 Test Drive (which is the trial version of Office 2004,, to the best of my knowledge, is included with most new Mac hardware. I would like to use applescript to check for the presence of “Office 2004 Test Drive”. It is usually installed in /Applications/Office 2004 for Mac Test Drive/, however, this isn’t always the case. Thus, I was wondering if anyone knows of a preferences or library file that is installed with “Test Drive” which I can look for…? Hope this helps clarify…


what are the other cases? if you can find out all the locations it could be installed in, then you could test for it in an AppleScript and delete it if necessary. from my recollection (and someone please correct me if i’m wrong) the preference file does not get created unless the user opens the program at least once–and this sounds like it is not guaranteed in your environment.


One way to do this would be to use a shell find and remove:

do shell script "find / -type d -name 'Office 2004 Test Drive' -exec rm -R  {} \\;"