checking for script compatibility: open location target_URL

property target_URL : “
open location target_URL

I have these two lines of applescript saved as an applescript application that launches a default browser and tells iit to go to a specified URL. Everything works fine (tested on OSX (10.3.9) and OS9.1), but I can’t find any info/documentation regarding system/applescript compatibility. I’m wandering if this may not work uder specific system configurations or versions of AppleScript?


Worked fine for me. :slight_smile:

(applescript v. 1.4, OS 9.1, Old World Mac)

Hi, Bartosz.

The ‘open location’ command has been available since at least OS 8.6 (AppleScript 1.3.7), so your script code should work on any recent system that’s connected to the Internet (or is configured to connect automatically) and which has a default browser configured. However, the applet might not run in OS 8.6 if it’s saved from OS X.