Checking if folder returns true when using files with package contents

Hi there!

I have this kind of problem that if a file or folder is dropped on my app, the files get processed and if it’s a folder, the folder its contents get processed. I check to see if something dropped is a folder or not with this:

folder of (info for (POSIX file "/path/to/folder"))

It all works fine until you start using files that have package contents like .app or .rtfd and many others.

I can’t check if something is a folder when the last text item of the POSIX path is a “/” because it isn’t in my case. It’s always without a “/” at the end. The same for aliases, files with package contents also end with a “:”.

I could use:

tell application "System Events" to get kind of droppedfiles

But isn’t the result language-dependent ?

Are there workarounds for that? I mean the AppleScript, not the backslash thing. I also can’t use the Finder because it’s slow in my script (my app is actually AppleScript Studio but the checking for folders belongs in the AppleScript section, doesn’t it.)

Thanks in advance


info for has also a package folder property

on open theseItems
	repeat with oneItem in theseItems
		set {package folder:Pa, folder:Fo} to info for oneItem
		if Fo and not Pa then
			-- do things
		end if
	end repeat
end open

Thanks a lot Stefan! I should have checked info for (choose file) before asking…