choose file problem

I’m trying to use choose file to allow a user to select a file and I then want to store away that file’s path and name. The choose file dialog works exactly right but after selecting a file I get a message that the file will be overwritten. I don;t want to even open the file at this point, just store away it’s path and name. Should I be using something other than choose file, or is there some sort of parameter that would avoid this.


are you sure to use choose file ?
or could it be choose file name ?

Whoops, you’re right, sorry.

But now there’s another problem. choose file doesn’t allow a default file name, which I need to do. I found another post about this and I think I’ll go with the method in that post of creating a list of files in the location I want and then using choose list.

As a side issue, why is the Apple documnetation missing so many things? The info at on choose file doesn’t mention that a default location can be specified and I think there’s a similar problem with missing information for choose file name on that site.

Is there an Applescrip dictionary somehwre that includes these scripting addtions and how to use them?


The dictionary that documents choose file and choose file name is from the StandardAdditions OSAX. In Script Editor, choose File > Open Dictionary. then select Standard Additions. choose file and choose file name are in the User Interaction suite.

Each scripting addition (OSAX), and scriptable application (including Faceless Background Applications like Keychain Scripting and Image Events has its own dictionary that is accessible trough Open Dictionary..