choose folder or drop items ?


I have managed to implement the drag and drop in an application after hours of struggling.

After dropping items on the main window, a panel window is shown with a table (without data source) that contains all of the elements that were just dropped.

That works fine.

However, i have a text field and a “choose folder” button as well. Right now, all the actions performed on the items work if you choose a folder, not if you just drop them on the main window.

I have set it up so that you can either choose a folder OR drop items. That works too.

Now my problem is that I don’t know how to define the path to the dropped items. I would have to get the content of the 4th column of every row of the table, but I can’t find the right syntax for the life of me.

Can anyone help please ?

Thanks in advance…

Since I have the raw path of each file in the 4th column of my table (ex : Mac HD:Users:BS0D:Desktop:myFile.rtf )

For my dropped items to be processed I’m guessing I’d have to put each path in a list , so do something like this, no ?

property itemList: {}

repeat with myItem in myList

set myItem to the contents of data row 1 of column 4 of table view 1 of scroll view 1 of panel window "myListWindowPanel" as string as alias
set end of itemList to myItem

end repeat