Choose from list with out default Cancel OK buttons

I am looking for a way to choose from a list of 4 plus items and do not want to press OK all the time to confirm my selection. Pressing OK is wasted time and effort. Once I have done my selection it needs to continue on with the process.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi grandw,

All you need to do is double click on the list item.


thanks that will be a great help

Hey grandw,

Use the keyboard. Clicking is big waste of time.

set _list to {"a) Your Item 1", "b) Your Item 2", "c) Your Item 3", "d) Your Item 4"}

set theChoice to choose from list _list ¬
	with title ¬
	"Choose Me!" with prompt ¬
	"Use the Blinkin' Keyboard!" default items {item 1 of _list} ¬
	multiple selections allowed true ¬
	without empty selection allowed


It is easy to select subsequent items with the keyboard, by pressing shift arrow up or down, but is there a way to select items that are not consecutive?


Hi McUsr,

Use the command key.

Edited: you meant by keyboard. Disregard.

Have a good day,