choose remote application


this probably will be the first of a few posts - I am trying to run an AppleScript app on my home Mac (Mac A) from a remote computer on the WAN.

I have read a few threads about this and first I am trying to use the “choose remote application” function from another computer on my LAN (Mac B).

Since I don’t know what I’m doing, I turned on everything on Mac A that has “remote” in its name in Sharing (including everything on in Remote Management).

The simple script

set a to choose remote application

takes me to the login window to Mac A, the login succeeds, then the Choose Remote Application window comes, in it the name of Mac A under Bonjour, it is selectable, but eventually get an error message “No application found for [name of Mac A]”. Same if I put in the IP address of Mac A directly.

Ain’t I supposed to see the list of apps on Mac A in that window?

OS, AppleScript, both latest versions. LAN is provided by TP-Link Deco M5 mesh, in case it is important.


As far as I know, using Bonjour service along with choose remote application has been problematic for a long time. Perhaps I did not look well. I propose another solution to this problem. I can not test now, because I have not other Mac computer to test from. Please test and tell us if it works:

set userName to "myUserName" -- edit for you
set aPassword to "myPassword" -- edit for you
set IP_Address to "" -- edit for you
set theMachine to machine ("eppc://" & userName & ":" & aPassword & "@" & IP_Address)

tell theMachine
	using terms from application "Script Editor"
		tell application "Script Editor" to set anApp to choose application
	end using terms from
end tell

I think, choose remote application command does not work in every machine environment.
I forgot the existence of it.

I stupidly entered the username, password and public IP of my computer. Then I stupidly ran the code above from the same computer I refereed to as remote machine.

The result - it works as expected.

NOTE: I still need someone to try the code from a remote computer.