Choosing its processor

Is there a way with an AppleScript program to find how many processor a computer may have?

If there is more than one processor, it would then be to direct some operations onto one processor and in the same time run other operations onto the other processor.



you can probably retrieve the CPU or core information from System Profiler or IOReg,
but it’s useless, because plain vanilla AppleScript is not able to handle multiple threads.

Also keep in mind that with multi core or dual processor system the hardware chooses where to run your code. There are methods described for example for PS3 but it only show you how the hardware works and then you can influence the hardware’s decision. Because Applescript is very high level programming there is no way to choose wich core or wich processor the code run on. There are in Applescript ways to optimize code so that the interpreter runs much and much faster your code dan normally.

If you’re looking for running two different code simultaneous you look to deep in your system.