Choosing value in html list

Hi again,

I beg the forbearance of all the ‘vastly more knowledgable than I’ folks on this board…

I’m trying to use AS to select a specific choice from a web form list. The html I’m working with is:

Color: red blue green yellow teal purple

I’d like to be able to set this w/o using the mouse, but based on conditions I’m using in the script.

Thanks again for all the invaluable help!

What browser are you scripting?



OK. Two ways.

Do Javascript.
Something like… document.getElementByName(‘color’).options[3].selected=true;

Or you could use UI scripting where you tell system events to set the pop-up for you.

I think the javascript would be easier, buy people here who do UI scripting will probably disagree.

Tried a few different Java methods, got a ‘access not allowed’ error…

Color me stupid, still can’t puzzle this one out…

thanks for your ideas,