Chosing a speaker in iTunes

iTunes v4.6 allows the user to choose which sound output device they wish to use. As well as the host computers sound system, there is an option to use any airport express units on the same network. There doesn’t seem to be anyway of accessing this from applescript at the moment. Does anyone know a way of selecting a speaker from applescript (or through the itunes c api for that matter) or if there are plans to expand the iTunes dictionary soon to include such functionality?

The original query was posted years ago. However, it hadn’t been answered before me, and I found the original question because I had the same issue today: using AS to select the airport speakers. I’m not knowledgeable enough to know for certain that it still isn’t doable, but my easy way out was to use Airfoil, by Rogue Amoeba, which is easily scriptable once you read the dictionary. Airfoil has the advantage over iTunes in that it will send ANY application with a sound source to Airport speakers. And it’s own video player that has playback compensated and synced to the sound. And I think it does Multiple Speakers better.

Great idea!

I’m a huge fan of Rogue Amoeba’s stuff, I use SoundSource all the time to switch from speakers to headphones on my Digital Audio PM G4. Not having an audio in, it’s often a pain to plug in (or unplug) my USB headphones with Mic. Then I can leave my headphones plugged in and just switch back and forth from the menu item.