Chroma key command line tool

I’ve developed a custom chroma key Core Image filter for the bigger project that I’m working on, but for easy testing of the implementation of the custom filter I wrote a command line tool to drive the filter. I’ve decided to make the command line tool publicly available. This command line produces images with an alpha channel which make the image transparent in the color region of the chroma key color. If the image already had an alpha channel with transparency then this tool will add to the transparency that already exists. This tool does not render images together it just adds transparency information to the image.

I’ve made the project with sources available on a public github git repository. The repository includes a built version of the command line tool in a folder called bin and you can download the command line tool directly or you can download the full repository and with Xcode build the command line tool. The command line tool uses two core image filters to do the work of comparing the images which will offload the work to your graphic card making the comparison relatively quick.

The github page is:

To download chromakey command line tool directly you can follow this link:

The downloaded file will not have execute permissions. To give it execute permissions do the following:

The github page lists the files and folders in the top level of the repository but if you scroll down you will be able to read the Readme file.