ClarisWorks File Conversion script?


Since you are AppleScript experts, maybe someone can tell me if they are aware of an AppleScript that converts ClarisWorks 4.4 WP files into AppleWorks 6.9 WP files?

Briefly, I have a client who has a few thousand such documents scattered through his Documents folder in OS 9 (mixed in with many other types of files, like Excel), and this problem is preventing him from moving to OSX.

Converting them individually, manually, is a huge pain.

MacLinkPlus does not do the best in this area either (e.g. graphics are not converted).


john droz, jr.


This is not an AppleScript solution, but…

I still use ClarisWorks 4.0 under ‘Classic’ in OS X and all my old WP files are accessible.

This suggestion pre-supposes that your client is willing to run Classic and maintain a copy of the CW 4.4 app on board. From there, you may (or may not) be able to more easily script some kind of conversion via copy/paste to CW 6.9 or to PDF… but at least the files are viewable/printable.

Kind of lame, but there you are.

Peter B.