class "ClassName" vs a reference to current application's ClassName

It looks there are two ways to put ObjC class into a property.

property ClassName : class “ClassName”


property ClassName : a reference to current application’s ClassName

What are differences between two ways ?
Which is recommended?

They both do the same thing. I may be misremembering, but I think the class approach can fail in certain circumstances (used other than at the top level of a script).

The only advice I’ve see was that of an Apple engineer who said the variable form was the favored form – but he gave no reason, and it may well have just been a stylistic preference.

Thanks for your reply.

Now I’m using class “ClassName” style, because this form is short.
And I have not met with any problems.
I will keep this style until I can find reasons to use “a reference to current application’s ClassName”.

In Apple’s document, only class “ClassName” style is described.
Therefore it looks funny that Apple engineer say the variable form was the favored form.