Classes and won't run oddities

Hello -

I’ve had some applescripts working fine for some months. I decided to edit them today.

  1. Instead of nice friendly applescript like I’m used to, I get processes and classes and the like.
if not (exists «class prcs» "Adobe Photoshop CS2") then

(for example).
What’s going on, and why has it happened? I don’t want it! It’s ugly and hard to read and remember. It also won’t let me use descriptive language instead.

  1. Earlier this afternoon, I saved my script as an application. I could run it. Someone else on my network couldn’t. They double-clicked the icon; it looked like it launched but nothing comes up in Force Quit, the dock, or anywhere else. They have permission to read and write.

It’s driving me mad; it worked fine before and all this wouldn’t have happened had I not tinkered with it. Help would be very greatly appreciated.



#2 happens to me with apps made from scripts, either from an AppleScript editor from FaceSpan. When I copy them to elsewhere they don’t work at the destination. My workaround has been to enclose such troublesome apps in a StuffIt archive before copying them, only decompressing at the destination. Unless I have other problems with the script, they work like a charm when moved this way.

I never have figured out why it does that. I am curious what you find out.