Classic double-byte (WorldScript II) fonts - documentation?

I’m trying to help with a project (probably using Applescript) to convert WordPerfect Mac files created under OS7-9 that contain Japanese/Chinese/Korean fonts (double-byte WorldScript II fonts) into text usable under OS X. Is there any documentation that matches the symbols in these fonts with the corresponding unicode symbols?

OS X obviously has these tables built-in, because, if you have a PowerPC Mac running OS X and Classic, you can copy the text of a file with Japanese characters from a Classic application and paste it into an OS X application. But there’s no way to do the same thing under OS X unless you have an application that runs under Classic AND OS X - and WordPerfect doesn’t.

Any pointers to documentation about these fonts would be very welcome. Thanks.

Do you also read the supporting tables of iconv? Clients can deliver any type of ascii files here and we never had a file that didn’t work. Type iconv -l to see the full supported tables.