Clear Interface Builder Icon Cache?


I am using Xcode 3.1 with Interface Builder 3. On my AppleScript app, I was using an icon called icon.png for a while, but I then deleted it. Now in Interface Builder, under Media, icon is still there as an NSImage, just a big box with a question mark in it, which I presume means that the file doesn’t exist, which it doesn’t. The weird thing is, if I drag the icon NSImage to an app and build it, my old icon that was there magically reappears. I am assuming there is some sort of cache that is still holding on to this old icon.

  1. How do I take the useless icon NSimage out of my Media section in Interface Builder
  2. How do I clear whatever cache that is still holding on to that old icon


Fixed it. The “cache” was actually the target app itself. It was holding on to those junky old icons from long ago. Solution was to delete the app and rebuild it, and the useless entries are gone now.