Clear recent documents Pages 09 in Mavericks

Where is info about recent documents for Pages 09 stored in Mavericks?

I have an applescript that modifies the file ~/Library/Preferences/ to selectively remove items from the Recent documents menu. It worked in Mountain Lion, but no longer in Mavericks.

Hm. Script does not work in Mavericks. Is that because Mavericks doesn’t use those LSSharedFileList plists anymore?
Or did it change that plist’s structure?

Hi alastor933

As far as I can tell the LSSharedFileList plist structure is the same. When you clear recent docs from the Pages Menu (and you can only clear ALL!) it removes all bookmarks from LSSharedFileList. But it is caching the info somewhere else too because when you selectively modify the LSSharedFileList directly, the next time you open Pages it restores the bookmarks that you’ve deleted.

I had a similar issue for clearing recent items in Quicktime Player that I solved: In Mavericks it is necessary to amend ~/Library/Preferences/ as expected BUT ALSO the MGRecentURLPropertyLists entry in ~/Library/Containers/

I’ve looked for a similar candidate in the Containers folder for Pages but can’t find it!

Anyone have any ideas???

I think it was Shane Stanley who told us recently that Mavericks is lazy when updating preferences. We were advised to use defaults to change settings.

[googles]…Ah, yes. Here.


Nuke ~/Library/Preferences/ too & Log out.

It’s your Mac and you’re free to do what you like, but Apple techs have made the point that deleting prefs files in Mavericks is a bad idea.

Noted! Thanks Shane.

My script doesn’t actually delete the prefs file but resets it to zero items.
If things start going weird… I’ll know why.