Clickable checkboxes in tableview?

Hi all,

Has anyone found a way to get checkboxes in tableview that can be selected/clicked?


Check the image on this link:

Click as many times as you can in the header of the column you want to contain the check box, until it looks like what you see on the image.
Then, drag the little check box icon onto the column, or any other widget that you can find on that tab.

Hi Sjakelien,

I know how to get checkboxes in the table view but the checkboxes can’t be clicked on directly in the table view. I had set it to ‘editable’ in attributes, but that doesn’t do the trick either. Under ‘Applescript’ tab the option ‘clicked’ is also not present. Or am I missing something stupid?


Aaargh, just figured out what went wrong…

After I ‘cleaned’ my project in Xcode it worked…