Clipper for importing images


I found a demo script in which you can open a few image files, and the script puts them in a clipper. You can simply drag and drop the images from the clipper to the Quark Xpress imageboxes.
Since this is a demo, and you can only use it 10 times, I was wondering if there is a full version of this script to use?
Or does anyone know a script which does the same thing or almost the same thing?

I’m not that good with AppleScript

This is not a direct answer to your problem - I just wanted to suggest, if you have not already tried, going to the Quark web page. I know that Adobe has a phenomenal page for users to share scripts and ideas, so I am assuming that Quark, or another third party page, has a similar Quark scripting forum of sorts where users can share their ideas and script code. That would be a phenomenal place to ask this same question. I do this alot on Adobes user forum with great success.

Hope this helps,